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"Not only has Jenny done a terrific job producing impressive marketing results for Harvest Community Bank, but she has also been a wonderful resource for our employees. Many of our frontline personnel lack specific “soft” skills. Jenny works behind the scenes to help them. She incorporates these “improvement sessions” into her marketing efforts, so as not to embarrass anyone. Our bank has benefitted through improved customer service, more professional work appearances, better employee problem solving and follow through."
Roland A. Turmol, Jr.
Former EVP/COO, Harvest Community Bank



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jke Consulting Services and Speaking Services
jke is a small company. I like it that way. Although I do work with a team of talented and experienced subcontractors, I am your primary contact. That means I can carefully choose with whom I want to work and give you my undivided attention. Not only does this mean you will always know jke Consulting Serviceswhom to contact whenever you need me, but it also helps to keep costs down Ė a deciding factor for many of you smaller businesses who think you canít afford planning and marketing help when you really, really need it. We can be flexible and react quickly to your needs.

You are the vital part of my business, and I want to add value wherever I can. Involving you in whatever we do together, ensures that you benefit and can confidently and sustainably move forward.

Interactive Presentations
I regularly speak at national, regional and local seminars and conferences on a variety of topics and am very willing to personalize a presentation, according to your needs. Like my consulting services, my presentations always involve my audiences in lively and fun ways and offer immediate and useful takeaways.

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