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Employees Don’t Always Want More Money!

Friday, September 30th, 2011

The economy is not as strong as it once was. We all know that. Companies everywhere are experiencing difficulties. However, the ones that remain vital and successful are the ones that realize that their employees are their most important assets. They don’t fire or lay off their team members as knee jerk reactions, they “arm them” with the skills and flexibility to be creative problem solvers and innovators.

How long has it been since your staff has participated in any kind of training? You may not be able to offer big raises or top tier salaries, but you can economically (and wisely) invest in your team. One of the many ways to motivate individuals and teams is to give them opportunities to learn new skills, improve or enhance the ones they have, and use those talents in new or different ways. If this is a new phenomenon at your company and employees are skeptical or underwhelmed, be sure to point out that participating in training not only benefits the company but each one of them. They will have improved skills that they can use in a variety of situations and take with them wherever they may go in the future.

Including staff in the selection of training opportunities helps to improve buy in, attendance and enthusiasm. Not only can training ops build interest and excitement, but they also can spur creative thinking. . . leading to improved problem solving techniques, new revenue generating ideas, better team work, enhanced efficiencies, superior customer service, and/or enhanced communications skills. Isn’t that the kind of ROI we all value?