Employees Need Tune Ups , Too!

Before you take your new car off the lot, you make sure it’s covered by insurance, right? Then you park it carefully (at least for a while), avoiding areas where it could be easily damaged or stolen. You’ve made a significant investment and you want to protect it.

Your employees should be considered in the same vein. Hiring employees, especially in today’s market, can take inordinate amounts of time and effort. You invest a ton of time to hire a good fit. It only makes sense to take the extra steps to ensure the fit is mutually beneficial. You shouldn’t throw new hires into an unknown environment without the proper support and “protection.”

Taking the time to carefully and positively train and mentor your employees not only produces immediate ROI, but also builds loyalty. Plus, there’s no better way to emphasize and reinforce your organization’s mission, vision, values, priorities, and culture.

It’s important to remember, however, that training is not a once and done phenomenon. You wouldn’t wash and wax your car a single time and forget it, would you? Or take it in for one tune up? To ensure it performs well, you make sure it receives regular checkups and maintenance. Your employees are just like that car. They are an expensive investment and deserve ongoing care.

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