5 Easy Steps to Successful Projects

Many of us jump right into new projects without doing any type of planning or preparation. That can lead to a lot of wheel spinning and less than desirable results. To ensure your project, whether it’s an article, an event, a new program, an old program, a publication, a marketing plan, social media blast, whatever, is successful, seriously consider following these five steps.

1. Do your homework.

Have the materials, partners, items, etc. all lined up before you begin.

2. Know what you want to accomplish.

Goals and desired results are important. Why are you doing it otherwise?

3. Set a realistic timeline.

Work backwards and allow for the unexpected.

4. Stay on target.

Don’t get lazy or sidetracked by minor things (these are not the unexpected things mentioned above). Keep partners on track, too.

5. Regularly stop and evaluate how things are going.

Are you headed in the right direction (towards those goals you want to achieve)?

You’ll be glad you did!